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There are plenty of companies you could choose to be your communications and ICT solutions provider. If you want to work with a team that is made up of real humans who genuinely want to help our customers, then we are the people to work with

Who We Are Topland Communications Limited 2

Andrew Foster, Managing Director

Established in 2000, we are a Yorkshire based telecommunications and IT solutions provider serving SME, Mid-Size, Enterprise, Public and Third Sector organisations. We are passionate about great customer service and strong partnerships to bring innovative business communications and cloud based solutions to our customers.

End-to-end we deliver top-class managed services and solutions that keep your business in business.

Offering the most cost-effective hosted telephony, licencing, cloud services and sonic firewalls, we pride ourselves on our partnerships that enable your business to continue, be compliant and stay safe right from the start.

Your business really is our business. How you do business is critical and there’s little you can do without generating a need for one of our services or products, both in the cloud and in your offices.

The need for high capital expenditure and investment to improve how your business operates and competes through communications, data and IT is now a thing of the past – thanks to our partnerships. We have worked hard to secure BT, Sophos, Mimecast, Cisco, Dell and VMWare to provide flexibility and scalability to our customers business decisions.

Through our partner’s we ensure your business remains safe, secure and connected. Our networks, telephony systems, email and data services allow you to choose the right mix of physical and virtual solutions that may not be achieved directly.

We offer a comprehensive range of telephone, server and firewall hardware to support all your communications, IT and data requirements. Deploying our cloud based solutions allows you to choose how you deliver, access and protect your telephony, email and data – keeping your business to flexible, safe and competitive.

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