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Scalable, flexible and leading edge business solutions

Ensure your business remains agile, competitive and compliant with our range of licencing solutions for effective business communications and security including Microsoft Office365 and Azure. 


It’s not so long ago that the business bank balance, risk appetite and willingness to invest was the primary question of an organisation considering it’s upgrade how they operating and the systems they used.

No more running down to your favourite software stockist or loading the latest piece of software that you want to run with its built-in wizard – and no more downloading the latest update patch. Licencing now virtually manages you. With some of the most competitive prices from some of the world’s leading brands including Microsoft365, Mimecast and Sophos we will keep your licensing needs simple, quick and easy.


Licensing Topland Communications Limited 1

WIDE VENDOR PARTNERSHIPS - exceptional choice and scope

COST SAVINGS - We deliver cost effective licensing strategies

LICENSING SUPPORT - We are proactive in managing compliance

INSTALLATION - We ensure your software is correctly installed and functional

ACCREDITED - We have undergone a wide range of accredited vendor training

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