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The cloud has nothing on our hardware selection!


Despite our best efforts and those of google, we still have not found you an alternative solution to real, tangible products to service your needs.

Coming soon – our new online next day delivery store for all hardware needs. Our store will provide you the best in range options for:


  • Telephone Systems
  • Routers & Firewalls
  • Servers

We will supply and guide you to the best-in market brands and products including Dell, Cisco, Avaya and Sophos. You can shop online and call or email our Customer Support team to help guide you through your needs and requirements.


SIP and VOIP Topland Communications Limited 5

EXTENSIVE RANGE – To meet all budgets and requirements

COST COMPETITIVE – We will match any hardware price

CUSTOMER SUPPORT – Call for expert guidance and support

SIMPLE SHOPPING – Select, customise and check-out

ACCREDITED – Proud partners of the world’s leading hardware vendors

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