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Protecting you from the latest threats

Cyber Security

In the good old days, we worried about fire and theft so we barricaded the windows and doors, then as technology progressed we put in sophisticated alarms and CCTV. Times are no different – watch out thieves are about!

IT’s still vulnerable to theft, but not as you know (knew) it … We all need this to be right from the start with security. One slip, one leak, one wrong email and disaster can strike. At Topland we offer market leading solutions to keep you safe, secure and in business.

We can help you manage your data, emails and users with a full range of cloud security options keeping you safe from cyber attacks.

Top 5 Cyber Attacks (according to CSO Online)

  • Socially engineered malware

    When a user is tricked into running a Trojan horse program, often from a website they trust and visit often to install some new piece of software.

  • Password phishing attacks

    Did you know 60-70% of email is spam? Now imagine just one employee jeopardising your whole business by putting in their ‘easy to remember password [iworkhere1234] which may open the company cyber-vault, so to speak.

  • Unpatched software

    It’s all those add-ons to make things like surfing the web easier and tools you use on a daily basis. Like anything that is broken or needs fixing, patch it. Be patch perfect.

  • Social media threats

    The world is full of rogues and social media offers no exception. People; new connection requests are not always who you think they are and with such busy lives, it’s no wonder Jenny in accounts can get it wrong. Whoops, there goes your brand value and corporate identity.

  • Advanced persistent threats

    It’s on the rise and at Topland Communications we believe this will climb the ranks if left unguarded; we have one client who was held to bit-coin ransom from ransomware – a cryptovirology you don’t want to catch. Never mind the constant multi-employee spearphising attack of another £multi-company.

Cloud Benefits for Business

If flexibility in how you and your workforce operate isn’t enough of a sell for you, then keeping safe, secure and in operation should be. We can think of very few businesses that operate without one cloud solution or other nowadays.


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