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GDPR Compliance

Topland Communications Limited | GDPR Compliance 2

We’re all on countdown getting ready for 25 May 2018 when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes law. Or are we? It is widely reported only just over half of European companies have a clear understanding of the new legislation. With many reports and whitepapers available to the general public, it appears the understanding…

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Right from the start

SIP and VOIP Topland Communications Limited 2

It’s taken a little while but as they say ‘the best things take time’ and we are pleased with the time we’ve invested to bring you the first phase of our new look website. Right from the start we have always sought to be customer lead and influenced. Our aim has always been to bring…

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Email security

SIP and VOIP Topland Communications Limited 1

Email is the number one channel for communicating for businesses and there has never been a bigger focus on the vulnerability and risk. Many businesses have put patch over patch as cyber-attacks have increased in sophistication and frequency. One recent client had one patch that eliminated and made redundant the features of a company wide…

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