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Right from the start

It’s taken a little while but as they say ‘the best things take time’ and we are pleased with the time we’ve invested to bring you the first phase of our new look website.

topland communications logoRight from the start we have always sought to be customer lead and influenced. Our aim has always been to bring to our customers jargon and BS free products, services and solutions you can both understand and trust. Our new positioning is no different, in fact we’re no different in many ways – but you ‘our customers’ are.

The world is changing at a phenomenal rate. The way businesses operate are constantly challenged to keep up with those changes. Today in this cyber-driven world a ‘gigster’ can step in to the market of the giants and play their own game – and they are doing it brilliantly; think Uber, AirBnB and Spotify.


They are daring to challenge how a business operates. They are being brave in how they collaborate with others. They are standing strong in supporting the changing needs of the customers – stripping out all that has been and moving to all that now is, with the support of SaaS, P2P, Open-source and of course all enabled with through the cloud.

Since 2000, we remain committed to bringing you the products, services and solutions that are right from the start. We will grow and adapt with you, guide and advise you – guaranteed.

As business remains very much online we are here to ensure our customers do too with Comms | Data | Cloud solutions ensuring you communicate efficiently, share effectively and compete securely.

We now hold some very prestigious partnerships that allow even the smallest and newest of businesses to compete like a giant that include Dell, Sophos, VMWare, Microsoft and Mimecast.

It’s time for everyone to compete fairly yet securely and cost effectively right from the start.

We’ve removed the need for large Capex spend on digital, technology, data and business communications and opened up the playing field for everyone with many manageable, low risk, low budget solutions – available to all with a passion to really compete, challenge and succeed.

If it’s time to look at your business communications, data and cloud solutions let us support you right from the start with a quick friendly call. Book your call with one of our team of specialists today – you’ll be pleased that you did.

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