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Email security

Email is the number one channel for communicating for businesses and there has never been a bigger focus on the vulnerability and risk. Many businesses have put patch over patch as cyber-attacks have increased in sophistication and frequency. One recent client had one patch that eliminated and made redundant the features of a company wide solution. This area is challenging as it progresses and changes at an incredible speed, which is why even your own expert maybe out of date quicker than they realise.

You just don’t know what you don’t know!

Did you know? There are 144.8 billion emails sent each day? With cyber attacks are on the rise it’s imperative that you reduce your vulnerability and risk of attack. For some businesses they can withstand a few hours downtime as back-up servers kick-in but for others the cost can literally be ¬£millions or even total wipe out.

The most vTopland Email Securityulnerable are organisations that are using old technology, infrastructures and even email addresses that are wide open to attack. Not only will this threaten your GDPR compliancy in 2018 but it will also put the spot light on your disaster recovery plan and ability to survive.

With such risks high on the agenda many businesses are forcing compliancy in cyber security and data risk on to their tender, supplier and partner pre-requisites.


Email Security, put the fun back in to your businaess.

From impersonations to viruses we are all susceptible. Make sure your business can continue, make sure you stay safe right from the start and keep the fun in your business – let us take away that fear, contact our team now to see how risky your emails are.

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Read more about GDPR here. 

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